Can cats and dogs live together?

Some may ask can dogs and cats live together. The answer to this question is puzzling to some people especially those who love dogs and cats too. It’s about how you choose the right dog and cat. We will tell you the answer in this article.

How can I choose?

How can I choose a suitable dog and cat? When you choose a dog, you must have known breeds with a non-aggressive history. Like golden Retriever, griffon dog and many other breeds are found perfect for hanging out with cats. They are all friendly and kind, but the cat must be calmer so as not to inflame the dog’s anger.

What after the selection?

Can dogs and cat live together? Yes, you can succeed in making dogs and cats live together but to live in peace. First two to nine weeks in the life of the dog gets used to having a cat in his life. During dog growth you should be directed to the correct behavior towards other animals and individuals at home, so you get a life without aggression among all animals.

What about cats?

Can dogs and cat live together? Yes, they can, but you cannot overlook the cats and their feelings. As cat lives in a constant danger at home, we must do anything to cut that feeling from them. Funny dog’s behaviors are considered safe for cats.

General tips for living in peace?

Can dogs and cat live together? Yes, in the first period, you must observe all their actions and be with them closely. You must create them all Separate space to live and gradually integrate So that each one of them is accustomed to the smell of the other, and his voices and movements.

You will need to be extra careful that your dog does not start to eat cat poop. According to Dog Struggles it is more common than you might think and not exactly safe.

Reward animals with the food they love when they act well. Do not make your dog hungry and him food at the right time and do not rush to merge it with your cat and be patient. If an animal introduced another new whether of its kind or other animals he is afraid of him and does not want to get attention. Of the family more than him so with time you will be well adapted and Each will have their own space and shared space.


Dogs and cats can live together. But, do not be afraid of it and with confidence and observations in the article. You will do this and will thank me and do not hesitate to always use a specialist for that I wish you all the happiness and peace between your animals.