Peter Thiel and his Reign in the Bitcoin Industry

Peter Thiel is an American entrepreneur having a total worth of 2.6 billion. Like many other famous personalities Thiel invested in the bitcoin industry and amassed a large fortune from it.

Recognition with Bitcoin

Peter Thiel is one such personality whose support has helped many organizations like Facebook and LinkedIn to prosper. It is by Thiel’s opinion on the bitcoin industry we can term him as the pragmatic believer of new technologies. Peter feels that bitcoin’s prospects are better for the future in spite of its downfall at the present moment. He is a firm believer in the theory that cryptocurrency would outnumber any other forms of resource.

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Equivalence with Gold

According to Thiel bitcoin is equivalent to gold stored in electronic vaults. He feels that bitcoin may not turn out to be a good form of payment or mode of transaction but feels that its aesthetic value is comparable to that of gold. Gold cannot be traded in the marketplace for goods but it itself is an item of great value coming at a great price.

Peter Thiel on why People are Investing

He feels that groups of entrepreneurs have shown interest towards cryptocurrencies like bitcoin because it is a reliable source of income. He understands that the general motive to earn money surpasses all others. He is quite aware of the downfall that has cost people their investments and stresses at the point that bitcoin itself cannot be used as a means to earn money. He believes that other cryptocurrencies like blockchain may serve people better.

Disparity with Bill Harris

According to the former CEO of PayPal Bill Harris the bitcoin industry has given plenty of scope to hackers to involve people in scams. Bill said that the bitcoin industry holds enough power to disturb the economic system by incenting hackers to dwell in open public without getting caught. However, a strong dislike towards Harris’s opinion Peter Thiel hints at the brighter prospects of bitcoin.

Is Peter Thiel Correct?

If Peter Thiel himself is a great analyst it would make people smile at his words. His investments in multiple organizations have in turn been a boon for the large firms so it can be assumed if not made certain that bitcoin does have a promising future. However, Peter Thiel remains diplomatic by hinting at the fact that cryptocurrencies may also face severe setbacks if people lose interest. Let us for the time being assume that Peter is correct.

Elon Musk: The Man who made it

Out of all the famous CEO’s the name Elon Musk appeals to a man more than anyone else’s. Its not just for his breathtaking speeches or quotes but for the man he is. His ideals have improved the lives of millions around the Earth.

Early Life

Elon Musk was born in South Africa in Transvaal Pretoria to Maye Musk and Errol Musk. His struggles with life began from childhood when he was physically tortured in school. He developed a penchant for computers at a very young age and went ahead to code the logic of a computer game. His strong cohesion with technology later grew into a passion and ultimately a profession.

Middle Life

Elon Musk is currently the CEO of three well renowned companies namely Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink. He is an engineer and an entrepreneur and is ranked within 100 in the Forbes list of powerful people. His brilliance began in the year 2001 and since then he has continuously stepped forward to counter the world’s problems.

  • Mars Oasis

The project was initiated in the year 2001 when Musk wanted to explore space. He decided to set up a greenhouse on the planet Mars and therefore decided to build a rocket that would send the raw materials required for the greenhouse to Mars. It was later that he was humiliated by the Russian designers. Musk along with his friend faced rejection.

  • Tesla Motors

Tesla was started in the year 2003 but due to financial setbacks stopped working for a few years. It was in 2008 when Musk joined the company as a CEO and Tesla Motors built a vehicle that would run on electricity. The vehicle was named Tesla Roadster. Since then Tesla has gone about delivering quality cars to its customers like the Model S Sedan.

  • Solar City

Solar City was created in 2006 to provide solar energy to different states in the USA. It became one of the largest producers of solar energy and was later taken by Tesla. At the present moment it works as a subsidiary for Tesla. To be precise the main motive behind the creation of Tesla and Solar City was to prevent global warming.

Words of Advice

If you’re planning to start your new start up and looking for funding Elon Musk is probably the man who can provide you with funding. He believes that in order to venture out on a particular project it is essential to note the advantages and disadvantages.

What pairs well with Cuban cigars?

When individuals are looking to spend a luxurious night they gather around in a lounge or a fireplace with a Cuban cigar in one hand while the other holds a chilled whiskey glass. Fine whisky and fine cigars have been used throughout many generations as a symbol of class and wealth. When the two are combined they create a tantalizing smell and flavour which result in an amazing feeling. When the right brands of both the cigar and whisky are selected an ultimate pairing or the perfect match is created.

The Suntory Hibiki thirty year and the Bolivar cigars

The Suntory Hibiki thirty year and the Bolivar cigars are no exception to that rule. These two are meant for individuals with refined tastes and pair well with the Japanese whisky. The Bolivar cigars consists of tangy and earthy flavours that make them a strong type of cigar with lingering effects. The Suntory Hibiki 30 Year costs at least two thousand five hundred dollars a bottle. Only about fifteen thousand bottles are manufactured  which makes it extremely hard to find it on sale in the stores.

The Cohiba cigar and Nun’s Island Distillery Pure Pot Still whiskey

These two are luxurious brands that are a great combination. The cohiba cigars are originally made in Cuba and on average a single cigar costs about seventy dollars. These cigars have been finely rolled and they have a grassy  pleasant flavour. The Nun’s Island Pure Pot is an Irish spirit that has been existence for more than a hundred years with  a single bottle priced at a hundred and forty dollars. This Irish spirit is recognized as one of the tastiest and smoothest whisky globally. In the present day only a single bottle that is unopened in the market. This is an ideal combination for people who like living a luxurious and prestigious lifestyle.

The Nun’s Island Pure Pot and  the H. Upmann

The H.Upmann was the favourite cigar of  John F. Kennedy who was a former president. While it has not aged the H. Upmann’s flavour consists of floral in addition to citrus tastes which only become better as it ages. Initially only two hundred and seventy three bottles were released into the market each going for about five thousand dollars a bottle while a shot is sold at three hundred and fifty dollars. When the flavours from the Irish whisky and those of the cigar combine the user is awarded with a sensation that is golden. The taste consists of spice as well as caramel.