How much do dog sitters get paid?

The love for dogs has turned into a trend nowadays and with the growth in the number of dog lovers, it has created the demand for a dog care in our societies, some people have made it their profession. With dog breeding and training institutions on the rise. It has turned into a working industry for pet lovers as well for some part / full-timers who want to make some quick buck by doing some everyday chores. In some countries the dog care industry has blossomed while in some places it’s on the rise. But, how much do dog sitters get paid? Find all answers in the text below.

You must be eager to know, how much does the pet care industry earn?

There are 2,606 sitting assignments per year so the annual wage is based on it. It is roughly $18.66 per “sit.” It would have definitely increased over a period. Please note that the above survey analyses if for all pet sitters which includes all pets and not just dogs.

How much do dog sitters get paid? These earnings vary depending on the services offered and during what time of the day you are availing these services and for how long. Just in case you have planned for a long vacation and are not able to get your pet along with you. You will require the dog sitter to be there the whole time while you are away. How much do dog sitters get paid also depends upon what additional benefits they are offering along with the services i.e. vet care, dog training etc.

What services are offered by dog sitters and how much do they cost individually?

Nowadays a range of services are being offered by them. Which are as mentioned below:

  • Dog walking which can cost around $15 to $20 per day. These prices vary depending on the location.
  • Dog boarding which can cost $15 to $35 per day, depending on the quality of the facility and the services it offers.
  • Doggy day care can cost $12 to $38 per day, which includes all the daily tasks as well as baths.
  • Drop-In visits cost $15 for 30 minutes to $50 for three and half hour which includes walking, scooping, feeding and playing.

If you need to avail these services what would you need to do?

The answer is simple, as I mentioned earlier that the pet care industry is blossoming, while in some places it’s still on the rise. Even before you can go ahead and start looking into the yellow pages of your Phone directory or even try to goggle it up. I suggest that you look for recommendations first from any of those pet lover friends you may know of, who are already availing these services.