The best rugby union team

If we take a closer look at the stats of all the rugby teams, then one thing is for sure you’ll find New Zealand rugby team also known as the “All Blacks” on the top. The All Blacks are currently leading the world rugby ranking chart with massive 93.99 points, and the Irishmen are just 4 points behind them, and the Englishmen are in the third position.

But, I am sure that many people wonder that why the All Blacks are so good? and why are they the best rugby team in the world. All blacks are also the most successful team in the world.

People wonder that is there some magic in their water? Or is it in the Maori heritage that the people who are born on this island of almost 4 million people are born to be healthy and passionate. Today we will discuss that why are the All Blacks such a tremendous and passionate team and what sets them apart from rest of the teams and makes them the best rugby team in the world.

New Zealand junior rugby

Recently an interview was conducted by The Guardian in which they asked the rugby team coach of one of the most highly ranked rugby school(King’s college) that what is the first thing that a schoolboy learns here and he replied: “catch and pass, catch and pass,”.

This catch and pass thing clearly defines that why the All Blacks have such poetic skills. If we compare New Zealand’s school rugby to South Africa’s school rugby, we find that the major difference between both teams is that the All Blacks focus more on the passing. In South Africa, most of the young players who are in the learning phase concentrate merely on the contact part (tackles).

High school rugby

The rugby at the high schools in New Zealand is like a profitable business because it has been disclosed that some top of the line high schools spends $400,000 per year on their rugby courses. This provides a complete set of facilities to a rugby player. The South Africans do not offer such enormous amount of financial assistance to their high schools but still, there training is quite close to that of All Blacks which shows South Africans can also top the list if they are provided with proper resources.


The All Blacks spend a lot of time in enhancing their skills at quite a young age like the “catch and pass,” and this results in the fantastic passes and offloads that are performed by the All Blacks this shows that a pro All Black player has spent years and years in the enhancement of his skills. Due to these some other significant factors the All Blacks have become the best rugby team in the world.

Concluding words

The All Blacks have a sheer commitment to the game of rugby and they prove it by not compromising on their quality investment and training at the lower level (schools) in the country which in turn provides them legends of the game who make their country proud and make them unbeatable and due to these and many more reasons the All Blacks are surely the best rugby team in the world.