Top bodybuilder physiques in the world

The art of bodybuilding does not have any limit because It works on the motto of “bigger is better.” When we talk about the best bodybuilders of the world, then we find this one thing in common between them (bigger is better). In the earlier days, the bodybuilders focused more on the aesthetics rather than making a more significant body, and in the bodybuilding competition, muscular mass, and the drugs were not required to win the titles.

It does not mean that you don’t have to make a muscular body it means that you got to have the perfect symmetry and fantastic detail as if a sculpture of ancient Greece designed your body and your body is not some inflated body with some hot air. According to us the following are the best bodybuilders of the world based on their aesthetics and body detail.

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Flex Wheeler

The greatest bodybuilder of all time as accepted by many of the world’s most top bodybuilders is none other than Flex Wheeler. You can guess his greatness from the 17 professional titles which he won during his prime time. He also won the Arnold classic record four times and Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that “Flex Wheeler is one of the greatest bodybuilders he has ever seen”. Even Ronnie Coleman also said that Flex was the best bodybuilder he competed with. Flex was a complete bodybuilding package he had everything in his body muscularity, detail and every other thing which makes a pro bodybuilder.

Shawn Ray

Also popularly known as Mr. Symettry. Shawn’s body defined the proportion and balance. It is very unfortunate to see that Shawn did not win any Olympia with such great body. Shawn was a rare breed in the bodybuilding industry. He had enough mass on his body which made him compete against any great bodybuilder. He won the heart of the audience with his symmetry.

Dexter Jackson

Dexter won the  Olympia in 2008 after finishing in the top four for years. He is also known as the “The blade” due to his sharp body cuts. His abs are one of the best in the bodybuilding universe due to their deepness.

Lee Haney

Lee Haney brought both the conditioning and the size to the bodybuilding universe. He had the massive muscularity and leading body type. He did not receive any recognition in the early stages of his career which are unfortunate. Haney was bigger than most of his competitors and walked the stage with his eight packs and blade-shaped cuts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The best bodybuilders of the world list is not complete without having the great Arnold in it. Arnold has been known as the face of bodybuilding since he won his first ever Olympia. Arnold’s muscularity, size, and his personality made him the highest paid action movie star along with the governor of California.

The bodybuilders mentioned-above are undoubtedly the best bodybuilders of the world due to their muscularity, size, and their ability to win the hearts of the audience.