What are some of the Best Small Dogs?

Dogs of small breeds are ideal as pets for any family that lives in small apartments. Rather than Grey Hounds and Retrievers, it is better to go for small breeding dogs that can adjust better in small-sized apartments. Find out about some of the best small dogs for your needs.


These are small and quite athletic. The dogs are hardy and robust in quality and like to indulge in sports activities such as hunting, swimming, fetch and Frisbee. These canines have a smart and dignified conduct, as compared to other small breeds. These are never skittish or anxious, and love to be with other pets and children. You can train them very easily, as these are attentive to what their masters instruct them. These dogs live for around 14 years and are in the weight range of 6 – 25 pounds. These have curly or shaggy coats and are available in numerous colors.

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These are the classic lap-dog breeds. Such types of dogs are usually submissive, calm, loyal and well behaved. They are friendlier with kids and originate from the line of Maltese and Bichon Frise. The dogs live for around 14 years and have a weight range of 8 to 13 pounds. These canines are not very athletic and indoor workouts are enough to keep them fit. They find life in an apartment quite good for them. This breed has long hairs but can be maintained easily with a ‘puppy cut’. Havanese dogs are compact and adorable, and among the best small dogs.


Among the best small dogs, these creatures are lively and energetic, and are devoted to the families that they are integrated into. Although they are not as intelligent as other breeds, one can train them well with firm discipline and consistency as well as lots of positive reinforcement. The dogs can live for around 13 years and their weight is in the range of 30 – 60 pounds. This canine breed needs around 1 hour of workouts every day and can do well in the indoor environment. When excited, these dogs spin round and round. These serve as wonderful watchdogs but it is important to brush them every day. These are a better option around kids.

American Pit Bull Terrier

These dogs are loyal, smart, funny and loving in form. They can show an aggressive attitude towards small pets and other dogs. These are among the best small dogs, and are extremely well-mannered and are picked often as police dogs, rescue dogs or service dogs. The canines have a short coat, which can be maintained easily.