What are the best books on dog training?

Dogs are a necessity in our day to day lives and just like kids they give us a source of great companionship. For us to really enjoy the amazing things that dogs can do in our lives, we need to be aware of what we need to do to consolidate an enticing partnership with our pets. If you have ever want to know how to train your pet and what are the best books on dog training, just read the text below.

The culture clash by Jean Donaldson

If you do not know what are the best books on dog training, read this great book. It gives a comprehension of how dogs think and at the same time explores on how we should communicate to enhance a desirable behavioral change in dogs. It also tackles a variety of differences in human and dog culture.

Help for  your  fearful  dog : A step by  step guide  to helping  your  dog conquer his  fears  by Nicole Wilde

It is a guide that emphasize on how to train a dog to deal with fear or anxiety. Fear comes in various forms. It might be fear of strangers or discomfort in the company of other dogs, fear when in vehicles and low confidence and self-esteem in dogs.

The other end of the leash by Patricia McConnell

If you need to know what are the best books on dog training, this great book is the right choice because it focuses on giving an insight on our own behavior around dogs and how we should act in order to change a dog’s behavior as well. This awesome book unleashes wisdom that helps consolidate partnership between humans and their pets. It really helps one build respect and companionship with their dog.

It is me or the dog: how to have the perfect pet by Victoria Stilwell

A comprehensive approach tackles a balance between a good nutrition coupled with great exercise, effective communication and relaxation.  The book’s principal aim is to see you raise happy and healthy dogs. It also include color photographs to illustrate various subjects.

Dog language by Roger Abrantes 

An amazing encyclopaedia style book gives an understanding of a dog’s facial changes, expressions and dog body language. This is crucial to help you with an understanding of how to communicate effectively with your dog. At the end of the day, this alluring book will help you get a picture of why dogs behave the way they do.

Excel-erated learning by Pamela Reid

An amazing book that gives an effective guide on how to train your dog to learn and acquire various desired behaviors.